Keen on Retirement - Engineering the Second Half of your Life

As you approach retirement, questions begin to stack up that you may not have the answers for:

  • Do I have enough, or will I run out of money later in life? 
  • What will happen to my spouse if I die? 
  • How do I avoid costly mistakes and maximize my resources going forward?

More than anything, you want to know: Am I going to be OK?

These questions exist because preparing for retirement is not easy. You're not sure which advisors to trust, you worry about being sold a product for the wrong reasons, and above all, it's daunting to lay bare your financial secrets to another person. 

In Keen on RetirementBill Keen shares insights from more than 15,000 client meetings across a twenty-seven year career to help you approach retirement with peace of mind. In addition to walking you through the steps of building a dynamic retirement financial plan, Bill tackles the psychological and emotional challenges associated with retirement. He offers guidance to disciplined savers who are anxious about becoming spenders, and helps individuals and couples get clarity around what their life will look like in retirement.