The Keen Philosophy

We believe that in order to achieve lasting financial success, you and your family need to have a trusted financial advisor/coach.

Our mission is to coach our clients to lasting financial freedom and peace of mind. We believe that even families who are capable of managing their own financial matters do not want to spend the time and effort necessary to do so. The biggest downfall for even “smart or savvy” investors is their emotional and psychological limitations in trying to manage money. This is why a disciplined program implemented by a trusted advisor/coach is a must in almost all cases. We work with families and individuals who understand they need assistance and are willing to trust and accept our advice.

We represent our clients’ interests wholly.

We work solely for you, and only you, the client – not a parent company, not a big brand employer, not a bank, not a financial product manufacturer. We are independent. Our clients’ interests always come first and there are no financial incentives for us to skew our recommendations and advice one way or the other.

But while Keen Wealth Advisors is an independent, locally-owned and operated, and regulated as a Registered Investment Advisor by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), your assets will be held by Charles Schwab & Co., Inc., one of the most respected and trusted custodians in the financial services industry. We have created what we believe is the “best of both worlds” – continued direct access to the depth, resources and intellectual capital of the Keen Wealth team coupled with the resources of the largest independent custodian in the U.S., Charles Schwab & Co., Inc.

We recognize the importance of staying financially independent after having worked to accumulate assets.

So many people become financially independent only to let their hard-earned wealth slip away. We counsel our clients on many retirement-related issues including appropriate asset mixes and reasonable annual withdrawal amounts. If asset preservation is important to you, then we are an apt and able partner.

Simply stated, our mission is to provide you and/or your family with a comprehensive program that grows and protects your wealth and provides an appropriate level of current income each year, if needed. This is a lifelong task. The day you sign on as a client the journey begins.

Experience the Difference

Have you ever felt neglected, been treated like a number or simply been forgotten by the people with whom you have chosen to do business? Whether the person in question was your physician, attorney, insurance agent, or even your auto repair shop, you may feel that loyalty is hard to come by.

At Keen Wealth Advisors, we know that loyalty is crucial to any strong relationship. When you entrust us with your capital, we know that, really, you are trusting us to help you make your life dreams and goals a reality. We take that responsibility very, very seriously.

We work with a limited number of new clients each year, which allows us to be very focused on our existing clientele.

We treat your life savings as conscientiously as if it were our own. You worked hard to achieve your current level of success. We work hard for you.